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At Smiles for Life, our doctors offer sleep apnea treatment to help patients and their loved ones achieve a better night of sleep. In this testimonial, a patient and his wife discuss how effective a simple mouthpiece was in treating sleep apnea. Because of the treatment, both patients are happier, healthier, and achieve much better sleep.

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Man: My poor wife was experiencing jaw issues and part of the reason she had pain in her jaw is because she was wearing earplugs at night because I snored so bad. Woman: The pain was at a level where it made me cry. Man: She mentioned it to the doctor. He said, "We have something that may help him stop snoring." Woman: When I first went to Doctor Whiting, I did not even consider that my husband's snoring had anything to do with what was going on with me. Man: For the evaluation, it was simple, all they did is send me home with this device that monitors my oxygen intake while I sleep, how often I wake up during the night. It also monitors the sound level of my snoring. Woman: And he was waking himself up so much, he was in the critical range on the spectrum. It was amazing to find that it was something as simple as wearing a mouthpiece. Man: After the first night with the device, I woke up and I could tell that there was a difference in how I slept that night. You don't realize how much not getting a good night's sleep really affects everything. Now that I have the mouthpiece in, I think my mood is better. I'm definitely not as grouchy and grumpy. I sleep longer. I just feel better the next day after a good night's sleep. You need to get this device. Narrator: Learn the simple dental solution to sleep apnea. Call Smiles for Life today.

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