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Dental Crowns

Millions of patients have had a decayed, missing, or otherwise damaged tooth that affects their oral health and appearance.

A crown is a custom cap that can restore a damaged tooth or replace a tooth when combined with a dental implant.

At Smiles for Life Dental Care, serving the Harrisonburg, VA, area, our dentists offer durable and natural-looking crowns.

Visit our Staunton or Bridgewater, VA, dentistry offices to have high-quality crowns made by our trusted lab or with our in-office technology. 

We Offer Dental Implants
Ideal for Single-Tooth Replacement

An implant can be surgically placed in the jaw to support a crow, effectively replacing a single missing tooth and its root. If you'd like to find out if you are eligible for dental implants and which options would be best for your needs, click here to take our 60-second online quiz.

Are Patients Who Choose Dental Crowns  Happy with Their Results?

Meet our patient, Kate, who won our Smile Makeover giveaway.
Before smile makeover
Before Kate needed four extractions, eight fillings, and one root canal. Gingivectomies and core buildups were performed on the six upper front teeth.
After smile makeover
After We capped her six front upper teeth with ceramic crowns. Finally, we used implant-supported crowns to replace the four missing back teeth. 
Kate's Testimonial:

"It’s amazing how different a great smile makes you feel. The doctors and Care Team at Smiles for Life have changed my life. I feel much more confident and smile a lot more. Customers have seen my picture in the paper and have come up to me at work to comment on the change. Members of my family were so happy they were almost in tears and I feel so blessed to have been chosen for this. I have always been afraid of the dentist, which is part of the reason my mouth was in the shape it was in. Not anymore!"

Types of Crowns We Can Provide in the Harrisonburg, VA, Area

Illustration of dental crown

Traditional Dental Crown

A traditional dental crown is a prosthetic tooth that caps a tooth after decayed or damaged structure has been removed.

The crown, typically made from dental-grade porcelain, protects the tooth and allows it to function properly without pain or discomfort. In some cases, our office offers same-day crowns, so you won't need to be fitted with a temporary crown or schedule a follow-up appointment to place your permanent crown.

Illustration of implant-supported crown

Implant-Supported Crown

If you have a missing tooth or need a tooth extraction, a dental implant can replace the tooth roots in your jaw, prevent your jawbone from atrophying, and provide a firm foundation for a crown. The crown then functions like a natural tooth. This restorative dentistry procedure is a good option for patients who are missing a single tooth.

Contact Our Dental Practice

The type of crown that is right for you will depend on your unique needs, goals, and budget. Our dentists can develop a treatment plan that will address all of these concerns.

We serve patients from throughout the great Harrisonburg area from our Staunton and Bridgewater offices. Contact our practice online to ask a question or request a consultation with our dentists. You can also reach us by phone:

Dentists at Smiles for Life

"A Great Experience" Hear from Our Patients


Hanna Brandt


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I was more than pleased with the service of everyone at Smiles for Life Dental Care. Definitely would recommend if you are looking for dental work in Bridgewater VA.

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Kathy Sibrian


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Always a great experience meeting with Dr. Joe McIntyre and his entire staff! They are always attentive to my needs and very caring. I highly recommend Dr Joe McIntyre to anyone who is seeking the best dental care in Bridgewater, VA.

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Are Dental Implants Right for You?

Implant crown in jaw

What Are the Uses of Dental Crowns?

These versatile dental restorations offer a diverse range of applications in dentistry:

  • If you have a tooth that has chipped, cracked, or suffered another form of damage, a crown can reinforce its structure and bring balance back to your bite.
  • For some patients, crowns are used as a cosmetic treatment to enhance the appearance of worn or discolored teeth.
  • In addition, crowns are also frequently used as the final phase of root canal therapy.
  • If you will be receiving a traditional dental bridge, this type of restoration will typically be secured in place by dental crowns on each end.
  • A crown can be secured to an implant to replace a missing tooth

Receiving a Traditional Dental Crown

Receiving a traditional dental crown is a two-step process.


During your first appointment, we will begin treatment by numbing the treatment area. Additional dental sedation options can be used to help especially nervous patients relax.


Next, we clean and reshape the tooth. This step is performed in order to create an ideal bonding surface for your crown and ensure that it remains in proper alignment with surrounding teeth.


We will then take detailed impressions of the reshaped tooth and send them to our partner laboratory. We have worked with the same dental lab for a decade because of the outstanding restorations they provide.

Temporary Crown

We will place a temporary crown over your tooth to protect it from dental damage and sensitivity while your custom, permanent crown is made.


Skilled ceramists at the lab will use the impressions to custom craft your crown so that it will blend flawlessly with your smile.


When your crown is finished, you will return to our dental practice to ensure a proper fit before having it bonded securely in place.

Receiving a Same-Day Dental Crown

Unlike many other practices, we proudly offer same-day dental crowns thanks to our in-office CEREC machine.


As with the traditional crown process, we will administer anesthesia and sedation as needed.


We will also prepare your tooth for the same-day crown by cleaning and reshaping it.

Impressions and Design

After taking dental impressions of the tooth, the information will be uploaded to the CEREC machine. Using the CEREC software, our dentists can design the crown on-site.


Your crown will then be milled from a block of dental-grade porcelain. The entire fabrication process can be completed in less than 30 minutes, and you can relax with a cup of coffee while you wait or watch your crown be milled. Because the crown is made in our office, there is no need to wear a temporary crown.

Crown Placement

Once the permanent crown is ready, we will bond it in place to instantly repair your smile.

See If You're Eligible for Dental Crowns

Here to Care for Your Smile Read More 5-Star Reviews


Mahmood Mahmood


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One of the best dental offices that I have seen in my life. From the professionally behavior to the commitment of going the extra mile for their patients. I will be more than comfortable and safe to let them take care of my Smie

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Jack Daniel


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It’s not much but I would recommend Dr. Joe McIntyre to anyone who is in need of oral surgery or dental implant procedures. His staff was very professional and he took the time to explain the procedure during my consultation.

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Receiving an Implant-Supported Crown

Before you can receive your implant-supported crown, you will first have to undergo surgery to place a dental implant.


During an initial consultation at one of our offices in the Harrisonburg, VA, area, one of our dentists will take x-rays to make sure you have enough bone density to support a dental implant and plan how to place it. They will also make sure your teeth and gums are healthy enough for surgery.

Dental Implant Surgery

During a second visit to our office, we will perform the dental implant placement surgery and remove any teeth that must be extracted. Once you're comfortably sedated, your dentist will anchor the dental implant post in your jawbone.


The implant will then have to heal and fuse to the bone during a process called osseointegration over the course of four to six months.


Once you've healed, you can return to our dental office where our dentist can attach the abutment to your implant. This abutment holds your crown in place. We will then take impressions of your teeth to use when fabricating your crown.


In some cases, we can use our CEREC machine to create your dental crown on the same day we place your abutment.


We may have to send your impressions to a lab to fabricate your dental crown. If this is the case, we will provide you with a temporary crown until you can return to our office.

Our Dentists Can Place Your Implant-Supported Crown Two Comfortable Offices Serving the Harrisonburg Area

Because a dental implant fuses to a patient's anatomy, an implant-supported crown is a stable and long-lasting solution for tooth loss. Our dentists can perform your implant surgery and crown placement in either our Staunton location or Bridgewater location without having to refer you elsewhere.

To schedule an appointment, fill out our online contact form or call:

(540) 828-2312

Smiles for Life dentists

"Absolutely Wonderful, Personal Care" Proud to Serve the Harrisonburg Area


Angel David Verde


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Absolutely wonderful, personal care with Dr. Whiting. Clean office, very helpful and nice staff with the kind of care that seems hard to find from your first visit. Highly recommended.

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Dianne Grimm


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Wow! Wow! Wow! My teeth are beautiful.. I could not have had better care. Dr. McIntyre and his team are the best!

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Dentists at Smiles for Life Dental Care

Smiles for Life Dental Care

The team of highly trained doctors at Smiles for Life wants to help you achieve and maintain a healthy smile for a lifetime. Because we want every patient to have access to the advanced treatments offered at our practice, we accept many insurance and financing options, including: 

  • Medicare 
  • Compassionate Finance™
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  • Smile Rewards 

To get started, call our Bridgewater office at (540) 828-2312 or request an appointment online.

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