Top Benefits of Implant Dentistry By Dr. Dan Whiting on January 25, 2016

Older man holding an appleAt Smiles for Life Dental Care, we understand that missing teeth can be inconvenient and cause patients to feel self conscious about the appearance of their smile. Fortunately, we offer a range of tooth replacement options, including custom-made bridges and dentures. For the most lifelike appearance and function, consider our implant dentistry services. Dental implants are titanium posts, which an oral surgeon will place in your jawbone. Because titanium is biocompatible, your bone will heal around the posts. Once healed, the dental implants will replace your dental roots and become a fixed part of your mouth. Then Dr. Joe McIntyre or Dr. Dan Whiting can affix a secure crown, bridge, or denture. Because of their incredible stability, implants offer a number of practical, cosmetic, and long-term health benefits. To experience dental implant benefits for yourself, contact our Bridgewater, VA practice today.

Greater Strength and Functionality

Even the finest removable dental restorations will not function exactly like natural teeth. For example, dentures require adhesive or small metal clips to stay in place. In contrast, implants will be anchored in your jaw, so your restoration will be immovable. You will even be able to eat foods that denture wearers normally cannot enjoy. These foods can include whole fruits, steaks, chewy baguettes, and even chewing gum.

Realistic Appearance

Removable restorations require attachment pieces and adhesive. They also have a plastic base that will fit over your gums. Drs. McIntyre and Whiting will match the shade of plastic to the natural color of your soft tissues. Therefore, all of our restorations look highly realistic. However, implant-supported restorations do not require a plastic base or any attachment pieces. Rather, your restoration will sit directly on top of your gum line, and it will be virtually identical to your natural teeth. 

Easy Maintenance

Of course, dental restorations cannot become decayed. Nevertheless, periodontal disease can cause gum recession, and, in turn, your implants can loosen or come out. Afterwards, your oral surgeon may not be able to reposition the posts. Therefore, proper oral care is important. Fortunately, maintenance is easy. You will simply need to brush and floss your teeth daily and schedule your routine exams and cleanings at our office.

Comprehensive Protection for Your Oral Health

In addition to affecting your bite and smile, missing teeth can also compromise your jawbone health. Normally, each time your teeth touch, your dental roots send tiny shockwaves to the surrounding bone tissue. These signals will trigger the production of new tissue. As a result, your body will constantly replace the tissue that is lost on a daily basis. With missing teeth, your bone tissue will no longer receive regenerative signals. Therefore, your jaw may recede quickly, leading to additional missing teeth, a weakened jaw line, and an older, “sunken” appearance.

Dental implants will replace your tooth roots. Therefore, they will actually send out the same restorative signals. Implants are the only type of dental restoration to offer this important benefit. Not only can they prevent jawbone recession; in some cases, they can help to replace bone tissue that has already been lost. With implants, you will enjoy a beautiful smile and complete oral health for years to come.

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