Dental Implant Surgery Side Effects By Dr. Dan Whiting on November 25, 2015

Illustration of a dental implantIf you have recently lost a tooth or several teeth, and elected to have dental implant surgery, you already know the many benefits of the procedure. Dental implants securely hold restorations in place, improving your dental function and self-confidence. In addition, implant dentistry success rates are quite high, at 98 percent. However, the placement of dental implants does require surgery, which will result in some side effects. To learn more about dental implant surgery side effects, read on, or contact our Bridgewater, VA practice today.

Immediate Side Effects

Right after your surgery, you will feel the effects of the anesthesia for several hours. For this reason, we require that our patients have a responsible adult available to drive them to and from the procedure. Some of these effects of anesthsia may include fatigue, nausea, or dizziness.

Discomfort at the implant site can linger for a few days after surgery. Patients may wish to start taking prescribed pain relievers shortly after the procedure. This can help to ensure that patients remain comfortable as the anesthesia subsides.

Patients may also experience light bleeding at the implant sites. This can be managed by gently biting down on a gauze pad. Bleeding should stop by the end of the day of surgery.

Short-term Side Effects

Over the first few days following surgery, these side effects will peak before subsiding. This is normal after oral surgery, so expect to experience:

  • Soreness - It is normal to experience some pain in the jaw and gums after surgery, as the tissue in these areas has been altered during implant placement. The pain should be manageable with prescription or over-the-counter pain medication.
  • Bruising - You may notice light bruising on the skin and gums following surgery. They may become more noticeable as swelling goes down. Any bruising should be gone within a week.
  • Swelling - You may experience swelling in your gums, cheeks, and jaw for about a week following the surgery. Applying cold packs to the face during the first 48 hours after surgery can reduce the duration and severity of swelling. We recommend applying the pack for 15 minutes, then taking a break for 15 minutes.

All of these side effects should clear up within two weeks. If you are still experiencing intense pain or swelling after that time, or your gums become inflamed, contact us as soon as possible.

What Comes Next?

Most side effects of dental implant surgery should clear up after the first two weeks. To avoid complications with your implants while they are healing, for the first few weeks, stick to a soft food diet and avoid sticky, chewy, and hard foods until the implants are completely healed. When eating, avoid chewing on the implants or near them, whenever you can. And of course, practice good dental hygiene, brushing and flossing regularly, to ensure a smooth healing process.

Contact Us Today For a Consultation

If you are considering dental implant surgery, or if you have had the procedure and have questions about recovery and side effects, contact our dental practice today. Dr. Joe McIntyre, Dr. Dan Whiting, and our caring staff are available to address your concerns or schedule a consultation. Our goal is to have you healthy, happy, and back to normal daily activities as soon as possible.

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